The Personal Representative


Word of Caution

Without consulting a qualified estate administration attorney in advance, the Personal Representative or Executor(trix) should not do the following:

  1. Sell any property of the estate.
  2. Give away any property of the estate.
  3. Lease estate property.
  4. Pay or compromise any debts or claims against the estate (including funeral bills and/or expenses of the decedent's last illness).
  5. Sell stock, exercise subscription rights, or buy stocks or bonds for the estate.
  6. Distribute estate property to any devisee or heir.
  7. Loan any estate property or money to any devisee or heir.
  8. Allow anyone to reside in any estate real property without payment of fair rental value (unless said person has a written lease which pre-exists the Decedent's death).
  9. Allow anyone to use any estate personal property (such as driving the Decedent's automobile).
  10. Deposit estate funds in your personal account or otherwise commingle estate property with your own.
  11. Act without the concurrence of the other personal representatives (if two or more have been appointed by the probate Court).

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