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probateJoin a consumer friendly high traffic site. Focused solely on PROBATE & Estate Administration. Our site can supply your existing web site with local referrals. We have received up to 40,000 page views per month !

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Features of Directory Listings:

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Easy to implement: Creating your listing takes less than 30 minutes. We can input your information for you (from your web site) as a courtesy. No need for a web programmer.

Professional: The directory listings present your services in the most dignified manner. Listings include: Google map, a lengthy description of your firms services. Listings are search engine optimized and formatted. You can also upload files and client (intake forms), even a video clip!

Contact: or call (813) 944-3190


Disclaimer: Estate does not recommend endorse or guarantee the conduct of any directory members. We have the right to deny any listing for any reason without explanation. Corporate events (such as a purchase of our company) and other potential activities my require a change in our business strategy. We reserve the right to cancel any and all listings, in our sole discretion and return any un-earned directory listing fees (accural on fees are earned on daily basis based on a 365 day year). We also reserve the right to disapprove any listing, in our sole discretion. Prices and product offerings are subject to change. Listings are owned by Estate Settlement LLC and are leased to attorney clients. Failure to pay monthly fee will result in the removal of all attorney information and links.

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