You are not Alone….

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Neighbor Helping Neighbor

Prior generations’ communities banded together to raise barns, hunt game and harvest crops, in order to survive. Our tireless forefathers, were taught early and often lessons of humility by ever present crop failures, poverty and disease.   A helping hand was nobly offered and honorably accepted, for life’s harsh realities can overcome the finest and fittest.   Thriving communities were built when neighbors and friends pitched in together.

Today’s affluent society finds comfort in privacy and isolationism.   Many of us have grown confident with our skills to manage and organize our modern lives.   Our society’s self-sufficient go-it-alone philosophy may have left us …. just alone… at the worst time in life to be alone.   

Losing a loved one is the most painful and shocking experience since the dawning of mankind.   We never get “over” a loved one, for to do so, we would have to forget them, which is intolerable and unimaginable for all of us.  

We have all asked: Why do we have to suffer?   And do other people suffer like I do?   To the second question the answer is YES and thus may be the answer to the first.   For it may be only when we are awakened by our own painful loss that we realize the magnitude of our neighbor’s suffering.   Surely one of the reasons we were placed on this earth is to care for each other.  

Caring and sharing friends can pitch together today like the generations before us. Goodness never goes out of style.   But instead of raising our neighbor’s barn we can raise our neighbor’s spirits and instead of feeding their stomachs we can warm their heart.

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