Probate Realtor 5 Step Marketing Plan
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Steps in Process 

  1. Realtor self-education: Learn probate and estate settlement vocabulary, timelines, responsibilities and process.
  2. Create a powerful Probate Realtor branding message.
  3. Construction of an effective niche marketing plan. Where to find hundred of qualified clients.
  4. Rapport building with center of influences (attorney's, trust departments, CPA's and financial advisors). Creating a powerful networking team.
  5. Marketing campaign deployment. Probate Realtor practice management.  
Step One
Realtor Education of probate and estate settlement process 
Visit: web site
        Print out and Study:
A.                Glossary of estate settlement and probate terms

B.                Estate Settlement: Frequently asked questions

C.                  Visit your states probate code web page (see home page map)

D.                Visit your states probate forms web

E.                 Do a Google search on your local market probate attorney example: “Tampa Florida probate attorney” Study the 3 top ranked probate attorneys web sites (print out pages).

F.               Study the estate settlement timeline:

G.               Study Dealing with Professionals Estate Settlement Checklist :   

H.                  Send Brian French an e-mail and request Probate Realtor test.

I.                Review test results re-study areas that you need more understanding.

J.                 Create a 3 ring binder for your Probate Real Estate practice and create tab for Probate Educational Resources  

Step 2
Creating a Probate Realtor branding message 
Goal of Branding:
  • Separating yourself from the “rest of the pack” of Realtors
  • Develop a reputation of expertise that will attract business opportunities
  • Be the “top of mind” professional
  • Create multiple brands niches for your business. That cuts through the “run of the mill” marketing and advertising clutter.

NEXT... LEARN Where to find hundreds of estate executors in your local market and how to contact them!

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